ukuleles-300x300Ukulele is an incredibly versatile instrument for classroom music. It can be used to explore all the musical elements and has the advantage of being played softly!

Ukulele is a standout for classroom instrumental ensembles because students can sing while strumming, they can also pluck a melody, or a bass line and… it’s the perfect instrument for songwriting.

Here is a collection of songs arranged for happy strumming:

Great ukulele education resource sites:

  • Ukulele in the Classroom: James Hill has distilled over 40 years of Canadian ukulele pedagogy into an incredibly rich teaching method – full of great resources for students and teachers alike. Also check out his teacher training courses at:
  • The Sum of the Parts: Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart not only run school and community Ukestras throughout the Newcastle district, they have also put together a great library of fabulous ukulele arrangements.
  • Ukulele Central: Danielle Scott has put together a great ukulele program for primary school teachers to use.
  • PDF Minstrel: is a great site full of beautifully arranged pieces for ukulele, with standard notation and tabs included.
  • Dragon Uke: Anu Grace has developed a multi-media platform for teaching ukulele in the classroom, based on many years of teaching ukulele in New Zealand and Northern Australia.