Dinosaur Stomp


Dinosaur Stomp, Dinosaur Stomp 
Back through time to the Dinosaur Stomp

Verse 1

It all started in the Triassic
The first dinosaurs were born
Small lizards grew long legs
So they could walk much more

They grew big in the Jurassic
They spread out far and wide
They roamed across the planet
There was nowhere safe to hide


Verse 2

It was late in the Jurassic
When the first birds were born
With bony tails and feathers
They had teeth and also claws

It all changed in the Cretaceous
Flowering plants began to grow
Little did they realise
Dinosaurs were about to go


Verse 3

An asteroid hit the planet
The sky was filled with dust
The dinosaurs began to die
In birds they put their trust

The smaller ones survived
As birds they thrived and grew
Across the world they travelled
The world was made anew

Chorus (x2)

Chord Sheet – Dinosaur Stomp by Sarah Parker