Mastermind is one of my absolute favourite class games. It is a great way to focus on keeping a steady beat and copying a rhythm at the same time!
Choose a song to play which has a good beat. My class love some of the old classics ‘Staying Alive’ or ‘Beat it’. But anything with a good solid beat works well.

  • Class forms a circle.
  • Teacher chooses a student to go out of the room. They are the ‘detective’.
  • Once the detective is out of the room, teacher chooses a ‘mastermind’. They will determine the movement (clapping, clicking, stomping etc) to go with the music.
  • Teacher starts the music and the mastermind begins a rhythm. (I usually use the smartboard, but it is possible to play the game without music too).
  • Teacher asks the detective to return. The detective stands in the centre of the circle and tries to determine who the mastermind is.
  • Meanwhile the mastermind must change regularly the rhythm/movement, trying not to be discovered of course!
  • To keep the game moving along the detective only has three guesses.
  • If the mastermind is discovered the detective wins. If not, the mastermind is undefeated. Either way the mastermind is the next student to go outside and be the ‘detective’.

This game can be used as a warm up or as a fun way to end the lesson.