Lesson Ideas

Music lessons can take many forms. Here is a selection of lesson ideas:

  • How to Structure a Music Lesson This post outlines one of the ways we can structure a music lesson, including the use of musical games, warm ups and cool downs.
  • Incorporate Music Therapy Ideas: Music Therapist Amanda Ellis has put together a wonderful resource site of songs for learning. I have used her ‘Antarctica Song‘ during a unit on Antarctica with Grade 4/5, and it was incredible how much the kids loved it and absorbed the facts.
  • Introducing the Ukulele: This is a lesson plan for introducing the ukulele to your students.
  • Picture Book Soundscape: This is a lesson plan in which students create a soundscape based on a picture book. This lesson plan is structured according to the literacy cycle and includes modeled, guided and independent composition.
  • Whole-class Songwriting: This is a recount from a lesson with a local songwriter (who is also a teacher) who led the whole class through a songwriting process which resulted in the writing of a new school song.